Make the World a Better Place to Live and Work.

Ignite the Human Spark is a pledged member of the Global Business Collaboration for Better Workplace Mental Health and exists to improve mental well-being, productivity and purpose in the workplace and beyond.

Founded in 2020 by Nerissa J. Persaud

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Nerissa J. Persaud is a Guyanese-Canadian Entrepreneur, Writer, Personal Development Coach, Mental Health Advocate and Mother to two. For over ten years, she has been at the forefront of building relations, leading talent acquisition strategies, unlocking and aligning potential. Her focus on improving performance, productivity and well-being.


Described as “a challenger to how we ordinarily think,” Nerissa has dedicated her professional life with the firm belief we all have something meaningful to contribute; further supporting the ideas and conversations to bridge the gaps.

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I’ve always believed that in order to create meaningful change or ripples into that direction, we must connect ourselves with solving problems that can very well scare us. When I look statistically at the overdrive of people, the shifts and jolts and constant demand for more without sustainable mechanisms for us to reach those targets and align within those shifts and jolts –it absolutely scares me. At the same time, it is what ignites me. To push even harder to find creative ways that help companies better align a culture of health and purpose.


Answering the Call of 2020.

The Story of How it Started.

In the middle of March 2020...our world got shut down.

In the middle of March, our world got shut down and reeling from this disruption were parents, partners, entrepreneurs, everyday working people, students, everyone and anyone who depended on the community of efforts and services to curate their lives, magnify their hopes and dreams. 

What I realised the most; our world is experiencing a great reset and together we have the opportunity to do that too. I’ve always been a big believer in pushing the limits of our capabilities when times get hard, the tough times, to really get out of our heads and pre-existing conditions to evolve into the position of what else is there that I can do, …where is the need now, how do people feel, and how can I help. In doing so, the social initiative Ignite The Human Spark which started to spread a bit of hope through uncertain times has evolved into a series of talks, research and frameworks that pinned many areas of disruption, emotional frustrations and uncertainty that were placing much mental toll onto the lives of many. 

The conversations that have evolved from this initiative has taken root in my identity. My hope is, to ignite the human spark to foster better conversations, business and autonomy of self. To be a part of the solution navigating global change as I use this insight to help others discover, focus and align their resourcefulness.


I believe with a greater sense of self-ownership, accountability to our own actions, as well as awareness of our cultural attitudes in how we respond will be a great deal of importance in navigating through a new global order.