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Nerissa Janetta Persaud is a Learning and Development Strategist, Writer and Motivational Speaker dedicated to unlocking and aligning potential. She’s a leading voice on breaking mental barriers as the host on the self-development podcast Mindset Bootcamp and thought architect behind the initiative Ignite the Human Spark –birthed in the middle of the pandemic with the specific purpose of helping people get unstuck to see beyond crisis.


Described as “a challenger to how we ordinarily think,” Nerissa has dedicated her professional life with the firm belief we all have something meaningful to contribute; further supporting the ideas and conversations to bridge the gaps.

The Backstory

I have always considered the path I lead one of a natural progression. Although, it wasn’t one I had planned for or told myself insistently ‘yes, a career in learning and development would be my forte.’ It became a natural progression because of my personality, ignited through webs of conversations, human sparks and experiences which I paid close attention.

I had also never been afraid of trying different things or messing up the path. I worked as a Marine Turtle Tour Operator, an Accounts Receivable Clerk and even in Management Information System for a huge manufacturing company before landing in the hospitality industry — this is where it really started.

The hospitality industry complimented my interests and became a window to roam that expanded into a new adventure living and working in the Maldives for the Four Seasons Resorts, an ultra-luxurious product and place.

The moment of listening to what was happening around me, what moved me and how inclined I felt to respond and in what way became transparent after a conversation with a friend who was also working in the Maldives at the time. She was in tears, defeated by the way her boss had treated her. In the moments after listening to her story, I felt an immediate need to do something, anything. I started reaching out to friends and alliances who could be of help to her situation. I then decided to look inward at the company I worked and found a seemingly perfect fit. It panned out, she was the ideal fit and leaving behind a disgruntled boss, she started fresh and continues to this day to lead a strong career.

Here is what I realized from that moment: I felt closer to myself, to my worth and spark after she felt closer to hers. This was also someone I had not known for years or carried strong bonds. To me, it was the human thing to do. It was the moment I realized that whatever I did next needed to serve that purpose — staying true to connecting human purpose. Now, more than a decade later of making my home in several countries across continents, I’ve found myself at the boundary of igniting the human spark through all that I do.

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