It is no longer a matter of question: healthy businesses, economies and communities require healthy people.

Nerissa J. Persaud



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Champion Change by exploring 5 global principles to creating and sustaining a culture of well-being to boost productivity, performance and happiness.

5 Things You Can Do If You are Experiencing Burnout.


We must factor in the real lives of the people who work for us. Not only the parts we see from 9–5. Not only the parts that serve the bottom line.

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5 Ways That Businesses Can Help Promote The Mental Wellness Of Their Employees.

Get Out Of Your Head and Into Your Flow.

Find yourself through the noise on the Mindset Bootcamp mini-motivational podcast. Little life lessons to ignite your spark! Together we have the opportunity to heal, overcome, evolve and do better. 


Get to the Root of Burnout and Anxiety.

For the longest, we have embraced cultures, attitudes, and ways of thinking that glorified the grit of hard work, excellence, and achievement at the expense of one’s health. The very idea of ‘pulling an all-nighter or ‘sleep deprived’ in the pursuit of ‘getting the job done’ became an accepted indicator of success, tenacity, loyalty, and the ideal candidate. It seemed demand for production at whatever cost was always greater than the need for healthy people.

Today we are in a unique position to reboot how our businesses and lives function. We are in a position to retake control for the right reasons.

Putting our health first. Putting our people's health first and striving to build a better world to live and work in. 

Don't implement another training program or mental health initiative prematurely. Get to the root of why burnout, anxiety and other mental health triggers exist. Understand what is causing its presence. Become aware of the shaped culture that undermines good work.